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Okay... calming down... breathing....

Definitely take your time in their freezer section, which is kind of the holy grail.

Lately I've been all about their microwave popcorn - I think it's $2 for 6 bags that are all the perfect size for one person. I also like their 3-veggie flaxseed chips from the snack department. They have some dark chocolate-covered candy ginger (really, anything that you could possibly want dipped in chocolate, they probably have), as well as great Australian black licorice, if you're into that (make sure you pick up the Australian one w/ the blue label!). Their little sugar-studded disk-shaped fruit gummies are also super-delish. I love the cheddar w/ carmelized onions, and I've been picking up the cave-aged gruyere they have as a treat for myself every now and again. Great hummous selection - I usually go for the roasted garlic, but the Tuscan white bean spread is pretty good. I get my whole-wheat pasta there, and in that aisle is a roasted red pepper spread that is fantastic for pasta - it's an almost-neon color that looks a bit debatable, but don't be fooled! For quick, small meals from that aisle I like their mac & cheese mix, as well as the just-add-water rice noodle bowls in garlic and scallion. Also over there they've got tasty, cheap Indian food in a pouch - one of the daal mixes was particularly good. Also in that aisle, take a look at the rice mixes - the brown rice w/ barley is a favorite. TJ's is a great source for demarara sugar, too. And check to see if they have crumpets! Also great for snacking (and cheap!) are their "Fruit Walked Into A Bar" (I'm partial to the fig). I LOVE their mint tea - it has lemongrass, which makes it less abrasive than mint tea can usually be (I'm not generally a fan). Their pomegranite white tea is tasty too, and see if they still have the orange spice rooibos. I like their French Roast coffee - being able to grind it myself means I can keep it nice and coarse for my french press. If you're into yogurt you'll be excited about all the options.

Oh! And! Their pocket Kleenex packets are hands-down the best I've ever gotten, anywhere. They're not always in the store, so last time I saw them I bought three or four of the 10-packs. Oddly enough, their boxed tissues are terrible.

I think I just wrote your shopping list for you. Can you tell I just went grocery shopping yesterday? I just mentally scanned my local store. I will let you know if I think of anything else, and of course get in touch with any questions!

Posted by your cousin Liz at July 15, 2010 11:52 AM

I have to drive 45 minutes to get to a Trader Joe's but I still love it. There have great wine and great prices. The kids love the free samples.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Posted by Tiffany at July 15, 2010 12:23 PM

I'm a big fan of their peanut butter pretzels. They also recently added yogurt-covered star cookies, which are surprisingly addictive. I like their boxed spelt, which can be hard to find this time of the year, and their frozen edamame puffs, which I can only find in the summer, but which I can stretch to make three work lunches with when combined with enough rice and soy sauce.

Posted by sprite at July 15, 2010 12:41 PM
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