Comments: Can we call it "opting otherwise" instead?

I believe that was actually me with the parallel-universe version of myself. :)

When I first started reading your post, I was wracking my brain, trying to remember -- Maureen Dowd, that sounds SO familiar, WHO IS Maureen Dowd? A little further down when you got into it a bit more I remembered. I read the article; didn't know there was a buzz about it, but that's not surprising. Honestly, I think people like Maureen need to stop freaking out about people like me. Thanks to foregoing generations of women, the fact that I do "opt out" to use her terminology is just that -- an option. I'm grateful for the work that made it that way, no question, because I wouldn't want it to be my role simply because I had no choice. Now she needs to sit down and shut up and actually let us choose what we want to do with our lives without slams from either direction. In my opinion. (I mean, I could go into this a bit deeper, into a woman's role vs. a mother's role, and why it's harder for women to have the same kinds of lives as men and do we WANT that anyway -- but that's the crux of it for me. Yay, we get to choose what we become, now feminists all go about your lives and let me go about mine, thank you very much.)

Posted by Rachel at November 3, 2005 04:37 PM