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The thing is, your average guy (cover your innocent ears) would be, um, rather OTHER than offended by a woman who was sexually assertive. I think. I don't have a WHOLE lot of experience here, but I am married to a guy, and he knows a lot of guys and the consensus seems to be... that I'm kind of digging a hole here and maybe I should take my blog link off this comment JUST IN CASE.

Also loosely related is the reason Alyssa Milano is a popular actress: it's the same reason Leonardo DiCaprio is. (Or was? I've heard he may have actually learned to act at one point. True?) People like to look at her. Tied into that, for guys, you have the fact that a lot of your 30's- and 40's-aged guys nowadays grew up fantasizing about her and she's still pretty.

I saw you post the Long Island thing on Twitter, and frankly, as a West Coaster, I didn't get it at ALL. New York and Long Island ARE separate cities, no? I mean, it seems to me like saying, "I'm not from San Francisco. I'm from San Jose, actually," or "I'm not from Los Angeles, I'm from Pasadena," in that those are places that are near each other and sometimes lumped in together (greater LA area, Bay Area) but they're definitely separate cities with different "vibes". Not funny, just true.

Posted by Rachel at April 20, 2010 04:12 PM

I appreciate you watching the episode anyhow, Kat. We knew going in that this was a genre where our interests didn't truly overlap.

I found a lot to like about the show myself. (Not trying to convince you, just explaining what I saw.)

The acting was overboard a few times, and the writing could have been more clever and subtle. But I saw lots of elements that have potential. For me, the show had more good than bad, and I can totally see it fixing its flaws and becoming popular.

Kelly Stables (playing the sister) came across to me as a little Kristin Chenowitz, a little Megan Mulally. I think she must have a Broadway background - she has a dancer's moves, and a voice that projects.

She came across as over-acting several times, but as they establish the psycho nature of her character, I think they'll find a balance where she seems appropriately excessive.

It's worth remembering that this is the very first episode they recorded. Tweaking will happen, characterizations will be adjusted, the actors will find their groove and chemistry.

Many of the best moments were with the guys, Kyle Bornheimer and Josh Lawson. I would actually love to see a buddies/roommates sitcom featuring them. Not to cut Alyssa out of the fun, but the scenes between just the guys were almost magic.

I see your points about some of the story lines they choose to use, and the attitudes those expressed. Those aren't enough to turn me off the show, but I quite understand how they make you feel about it.

If they nurture it properly, Romantically Challenged has a chance. Like all shows, though, it's not necessarily for everyone.

Thanks again for watching along last night!

Posted by Cocoonivus at April 20, 2010 04:28 PM
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