Comments: Pulling myself together

Fun time, Kat, it's all about fun time for you. Take it from one who knows, all stress and no play makes for poor health. Though, I have to admit, an occasional 90 minute crying jag does help somewhat. What works for me-I finally learned that every now and then, I have to stop thinking so damn much, relax, and enjoy myself a bit. Although, when one is out practice, relaxing can be difficult too.

Posted by Erica at October 13, 2005 05:09 PM

You're off to a good start there, I think.

Getting enough protein is also an issue for me. I'm not in the habit of cooking a hamburger or a slab of chicken or something at home. I do try to eat a bit of cheese here and there, and I actually like tuna enough that it's almost like a treat for me, so that helps.

It doesn't take a lot to be enough protein. An ounce of cheese is a serving. Eat it mindfully (paying attention to it, not just blindly stuffing it into your mouth while watching TV or reading a book), and it will be satisfying.

Eggs can be good, too, just don't do them all the time. I like a couple over easy with toast. Sometimes that's a late dinner for me.

Posted by Folkcat at October 13, 2005 07:58 PM

Good plan. I find physical exercise helps too. In addition to the health benefits it gets you out of your routine. I take Java for a walk in the park or to the beach, bring some knitting and we take a break on a bench or rock somewhere. She loves sniffing the wind and I can knit in peace without the constant visual reminders of all the housework and organization that I could be doing.

Do you have access to a dog? A good game of fetch does wonders for my mental mood. It's hard to feel down and stressed when a dog is smiling at you.

They say temperature has nothing to do with getting colds, but I wear a hat all the time (sometimes I even sleep with one) and only get about one a year. (Hope I haven't jinxed myself now.)

Posted by Kat at October 13, 2005 08:07 PM

Hey Doc, I think I'm going to take your prescription on for myself. I need to do all those things, plus get some exercise. And take my thyroid meds more reliably. Very, very good advice.

Thank you for the absolutely wonderful care package. I probably would have been better by the time I received it if I had taken this advice--instead I continued to burn the candle at both ends. Fun, but not enough sleep, not enough hydration, etc. etc. I had a cup of the tea last night and it was just the ticket. I think another good piece of advice for me is to drink herbal tea at night instead of eating chocolate. I know, file under "duh."

Thank you, my dear. And let's keep checking in with each other on how well we're doing with our New Year's (it's the Jewish new year, plus I consider Rhinebeck the start of the knitter's new year) resolutions.

Posted by mamacate at October 17, 2005 11:30 AM