Comments: Well, this is fun.

Great big virtual huts, Kat, and real ones anytime you need them.

I wish I could offer any comfort based on experience, but I really never had a relationship until I met Gryphon. I was 32 by then.

Drop me a note anytime you want a sympathetic ear. You know where to reach me.

Posted by Folkcat at October 12, 2005 06:41 PM

It will get better. And if you let yourself care a little about the meaningless, small things, it will be easier.

Posted by Lauren at October 12, 2005 08:35 PM

Yes, it gets better. It seems like it never will and then one day you wake up and realize that it is.

Posted by Kat at October 13, 2005 11:44 AM

if I were closer I'd offer to bring over a bottle of wine/beer/etc and a whole lot of chocolate. It doesn't always help, but it certainly makes for a wonderful distraction and I feel a little bit like that's how I'm "supposed" to (thanks to chick-lit and Sex and the City) react. The truth is that there isn't a "way" to feel, but whatever is going on is normal, and it does pass. (feel free to ignore that though, as I hate it when people say "it'll get better!" becase at the time, it feels as though it will never change.)

add a virtual hug from me - I'm not that huggy a person but in situations like this I'm more then happy to lend a set of arms.

(if you've taken a mental health day I hope you're having a lovely, relaxing day...)

Posted by Kristen at October 13, 2005 12:18 PM