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Talked to Petsmart corp office today(after similar situation to yours Kat), and they said they wouldn't be carrying them once they got rid of all of the warehouse stock. I really didn't appreciate the manager lying to me. Don't think I'll shop there anymore. Guess I'll be dumping my box tomorrow and refilling with crystals until I can get an order in from Amazon, I might have to pick up one of those plastic trays.

Posted by sasha at July 17, 2009 09:59 PM

Hey Sasha & Kat--

I also had this problem when going into the store. Crisis averted, ladies! I contacted a rep at the company and found out you can have the trays shipped to your home. They have a subscription service that will ship them to you automatically. They got me set up on the phone. They also gave me a discount of free shipping and $20 off my first order. Apparently you can get this deal on their website by the end of the week, but right now you need to phone in to get the deal. (If you needed it, there phone number is 888.726.MEOW (6369) and website is

So. Shipment service? Yes please. Now I don't have to lug it home from the store anymore! (and by "I," I mean... my poor husband. LOL).


Posted by Jess at July 20, 2009 05:54 PM
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