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I think thanks to the huge fire we had last summer, we have had an influx of wildlife in nearby unaffected areas. And we had plenty of wildlife before. :) But now it's coyotes getting the neighborhood dogs worked up every night, herds of deer traipsing past my clothesline hoping for a shot at the garden, skunks and foxes hanging around ogling my chickens, and, sadly, a whole whole WHOLE lot of roadkill. And yet there's still always something magical about close wild-animal encounters.

Sara Donati - that's a good idea. But the next one in that series is due out in January so I'm scheduling a reread of the first five books this fall.

Posted by Rachel at June 26, 2009 12:44 PM

Probably there are historical books sent in the northeast but alas, none known to me.

That's so cool! Our house is close to a big green belt on two sides, some old ranches and is still pretty suburban but every once in a while, there are deer munching by the roadside. But right outside your window? Awesome.

Posted by Carrie K at June 26, 2009 04:50 PM
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